Vintage Revival

OOTD for November 10th, 2014

“Just your usual day of class at Ryerson University, just having finished a 3 hour Art History lecture. Guess where these wardrobe pieces came from?

  1. Black Leather Bomber Jacket (Danier) – My pride and joy for 6 years
  2. Black Oxford Shoes (ALDO) – simple fun and easy accessory
  3. Brown Leather Tribe Backpack (ROOTS) – new obsession
  4. Creme Cashmere Sweater – $15 at St. Lawrence Market Antique Shop, bargains galore!
  5. Blue and white polka dot button down dress – My grandmother’s closet

I love vintage clothing and hammy downs more than anything. Why? Because each piece has a story, a history behind it. A piece that is worn in always looks better anyways, especially leather! It also pays to get vintage: costs are lower, more variety, and every trend will always come back into style. Vintage clothing is now being considered a “New Art,” it’s a personal investment in ones’ wardrobe. So get going people, there are second hand stores everywhere. This is the time to look through your parents wardrobe or your boxes of clothes in storage.

Fashion repeats over and over, new trends are just old ones REVAMPED. ”

Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them

– Marc Jacobs


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