The New Phase of Pixie

Many women are incredibly attached to their hair but definitely not this girl!

“Having dramatically changed my hair 2 times in the past 2 years I have experienced it all. From bohemian Blake Lively waves, to the bold Julianne Hough bob and now I am on to the J Law playful pixie cut. It is a nerve wracking experience getting a new haircut, it changes the way people look at you. But I have decided that my pixie cut has definitely been the most fun. Why? 1. I can wear lots of makeup and still not look too preppy 2. I can sleep in longer in the morning 3. I am saving money on shampoo and conditioner 4. It is unique, people notice, I swear, they may just be taking a second look to question your gender, no matter what, it’s a second look.

Although I will admit I am not sure that I will keep my hair this way forever. Change is fun, and hair is an easy thing to change about yourself on the outside without altering the inside. Maybe I’ll go for Britney Spears bald next time, who knows?

Pixie is definitely in and trending everywhere. So if you are feeling brave, check out this list of steps to prepare yourself for the dramatic change and the post cut dilemmas. 


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