New Years Resolution #1

“Here I sit in my first non-fashion related course, and it is interesting… My only elective of first year I chose to take ‘Globalization and World Politics.’ Let’s just say it is eye opening, and very different. Over the past 4 months I’ve gotten use to the mostly female lectures,¬†talking mainly about the different wool blends in your T-shirt or what colour is trending this season. Even in my lab classes we paint, draw and sew, if feels almost uncomfortable to be sitting at a desk and listening to a male professor wearing simple brown jeans and a tan suede shirt. The biggest difference is that there is not one person with bright pink or green hair and I have yet to see a fur coat or vest.

I AM liking it, It may only be the first day but it’s definitely a nice change. The topics of the course include the human need for security and order and the human need to belong and feel like a community. Our first lecture was on sovereign states and failing states across the world. First of all I didn’t know what “sovereign” even meant… (I quickly googled it on my phone) and was then intrigued by the political conflicts happening across the world that I never even knew about within my little bubble.

What I am personally learning is there is more to the world than what we see, do and feel on a daily basis. I find it incredibly frustrating to know that most of my fellow students in fashion have no idea what happened in Paris at a newspaper office last week. We may of course be studying a subject that greatly interests us but the world doesn’t revolve around what Jennifer Anniston wore on the red carpet of the Golden Globes. We don’t know what the young woman at the front desk of that newspaper office was wearing, all we know is that she was scared out of her mind for her own life.

Just thought I would express my opinion about the fact that so many of us are stuck inside our own bubble. We are extremely privileged to live in such a safe country, have a home to go to at the end of the day and to be able to go to school everyday studying something you love. But we also need to be aware of what is happening across the globe. Therefore I have decided that one of my new years resolutions for 2015 is to read the Globe and Mail Newspaper at least once a week, whether it is online or the paper copy, either way I would like to use it as an opportunity to open my mind to the rest of the world economically, politically, socially and environmentally.

I love fashion and my program but you can only analyze the fibres of silk so many times.¬†I will definitely continue to narrate my further ventures outside the sewing lab further on.”


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