Odessa’s Psychology of Style

Review of a great article by Odessa Paloma Parker found in the Globe and Mail,

“A pair of beautiful purple velvet loafers in the window of Nordstrom catch your eye, now that is something that could really amp up your boring wardrobe. However the immediate thought is that they definitely are not for someone your age and you continue past. Another outing to the mall, on a mission to remodel your black and grey closet, ends in disappointment. In The Psychology of Style, Odessa Paloma Parker outlines the reason you refuse to try on those shoes isn’t that you don’t think you’ll look good in them. You are walking away from that store because our society has taught you to avoid items that might bring attention to you. This cultural conditioning is what puts us in the rut where we end up purchasing the same top in grey, beige and black.

As a former personal shopper Odessa understands the difficulty people have with trying on clothing that is out of what they consider to be their “comfort zone”.  Every once and a while we all want to give our style a makeover but it takes a lot longer than we think. After reading this story, it is important to note that we are not to blame for our fear of straying from the norm. It’s the external influence of cultural stereotypes and norms that have been drilled into our minds all our lives that makes us withhold our want for something new and different. The truth is that you do have the confidence and style to wear those loafers, so keep an open mind and go see if they’ve got your size.”


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