Colour Research

What is the significance of wearing red?

“After watching the presidential debate now months ago it was hard not to take note of Hillary’s signature pantsuit, especially in bold crimson red. Significant female figures have been wearing the eye-catching colour since the day society had the realization that what you wore impacted the way you were perceived by others. Red has become a very symbolic colour over the years; especially after watching influential women like Kate Middleton and Michelle Obama rock it in the spotlight. Red can be a strategic choice in certain moments in people’s lives for many different reasons.

According to Future Forward’s “Strategy of Colour,” colour acts as a visual language to communicate certain meanings and responses. With a simple change in hue or tint, colours can resonate with people, affecting their decision-making, mood and perceptions. They play a major role in our lives, and there is no getting away from them. Just another thing to think about when buying that new dress for the talent show or that first date, colour can be what makes you remembered.

Crimson, cardinal or cherry, whatever the hue, red makes a statement. In keeping with Susana Martinez-Conde and Stephen Macknik from the “Scientific American”, red is an emotionally intense colour and actually prompts a faster heartbeat. It symbolizes strength, power and passion, definitely a good reason for Hillary Clinton to be wearing it when competing with a man like Trump. This might also be why Vivian (Julia Roberts) in Pretty Woman was featured wearing that gorgeous bright red gown at the end of the film. The moment she finally felt she was an elegant, powerful woman, complete with a diamond and ruby necklace to top it off. It was a scene that definitely turned heads.

Whether you are looking to make a point like Hillary in a pantsuit, or create a memory like Michelle Obama did at her second inaugural ball, red might be the colour for you. Either way one can always depend on the great Coco Chanel’s advice, “the best color in the whole world, is the one that looks good, on you.” “


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